Children Outreach Project

Our goal is to teach Optics to children from different nationalities recently relocated to Berlin in a fun way. These children often times are not yet fully adapted to the educational system in the new city, and end up without equal learning opportunities.

Many students at Humboldt University, where our chapter is located, come from abroad, and can relate to this issue. They share a common language and cultural background with the impacted children, and can be seen as role models by them. Locals are also very welcome to join, of course.

Additionally, this charitable project has the purpose of supporting HU students participating in the chapter to engage in community work, practice their soft skills and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our sponsors OSA and SPIE, and also OpTecBB, have contributed with funding for this project to happen.

Please get in touch for more information on how you can participate!

OSA-SPIE Children Outreach Project

Next Meeting

Dear students,

We would like to invite everyone to join us at our next Meeting, taking place on April 28th, Friday, 5-7pm, at room 1’404.

We have a variety of efforts going on, such as the Outreach Project to teach physics to children, and our Career Workshop coming up in June 2017. Our group also has a social element, which is a great opportunity for you to connect to a broader group of people, including master and PhD students, and international members from other Student Chapters around the world.

We will cover the following topics:
– brief introduction of the Chapter’s activities
– learn an experiment for the Children Outreach project
– plan a fun group activity, like a BBQ or laser tag or scape room.. up to you! (sponsored by the Chapter)

Snacks and drinks will be served.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us at:

Please share this message with anyone who might be interested!

Thank you,

– Your Student Chapter

Student Chapter Meeting

Career event “Working in Photonics in Berlin”

This year, we will host another career event with focus on Optics and Photonics to allow students and representatives from industry, research institutes and universities to engage. Students will see different options for career paths in Optics, while companies and institutes can talk to recent and future graduates in the field of Physics.

The event “Working in Photonics in Berlin” will take place on June 20th, 2017 in Berlin-Adlershof.

Registration is now open:

Find more information here:

“Working in Photonics in Berlin” 2017

OpTecBB Competence Network

The collaborative network OpTec-Berlin Brandenburg ( is a club of 100+ local tech companies in Berlin. They are hosting members events like workshops, conferences, and meet-and-greets. The student chapter is now part of this network and invited to their events listed on their website. We are very excited about this new opportunity for our members and the network. – Oliver N.

Industry meeting: TOPTICA Munich

In October the chapter started a long journey from Berlin to Munich to get an in-depth tour through the TOPTICA company facilities. We also invited the Student Chapter Munich to join us. By hearing about the company profile, meeting one of the founders Dr. Wilhem Kaenders, and seeing the research facilities, we all got a great picture of the what the company has achieved and will continue to push laser technology. We want to thank Dr. Eismann for his time spent with us and the great atmosphere he created for us. – Oliver N. the journey begins TOPTICA and chapters

Visiting lecturer: Pizza talk with Victor Acosta

Sep. 25th, 2015: The student chapter invites Associate Prof. Victor Acosta from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. We started the day with lab tours and discussions and chats while eating fresh pizza from a local producer. V. Acosta then presented his research at various institutions and illustrated how PhD students should evaluate and adjust their own research projects. We thank V.Acosta for his extra time spent in Europe and the effort he made to visit us! – Oliver N. The audience V.Acosta